You’re too busy to identify and assess new investment opportunities and you have minimal time or tolerance for extra paperwork. You look forward to the time when you can set up your own business or reduce your hours

We’ll spend time working out how long you’ll need to work in the current capacity, so that you have a clear action plan. We’ll also spend time understanding your preferred future lifestyle and what you’ll need to have saved to make that a reality. We’ll create and put in place an effective savings plan that builds the capital you need, at a level of risk that works for you.

We’ll manage your assets on your behalf, giving you the freedom to focus on your current career. With a great plan and a secure financial base, we give you the freedom and confidence to look positively to the future and the opportunities it will bring, knowing that whatever may happen, you and your family are protected.

Sound and strategic advice that delivers outstanding returns…a holistic approach to long-term financial planning has allowed me to make plans and set targets in my life in general.

Jonathon, London

First Wealth takes time to understand your needs, consider the best options, explain each of them fully, give a recommendation based on sound judgement, and communicate highly effectively through the investment process...great fun to work with.

Richard, Abroad

Helps visualise where you want to go and breaks that down into smaller, manageable savings goals. Made me aware of risks that could be mitigated with insurance that I didn’t think about, but am now much more comfortable with.

Simon, London

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