Once we have a clear understanding of what’s really important to you, we’re ready to help you achieve your longer-term goals. Our financial modelling process (also known as cash flow modelling) helps us do this.

We use sophisticated software to establish the point of financial independence – the point when you have enough capital to maintain your desired lifestyle for the rest of your life, whatever happens, without the fear of running out of money.

To build a great cash flow model, we obtain a full understanding of your current position: your lifestyle costs, planned expenditure, assets and liabilities. Assessing this position against your goals, we identify:

what you need to do to achieve your objectives

the protection you need to stop a curve ball derailing your plans

whether you can retire earlier, make that dream purchase, or gift away capital to your family

whether you need to make your money work harder to achieve your goals

You may already have enough capital to sustain your lifestyle, or more than enough, or not enough. We’ll identify the most appropriate financial model and recommend ways you can allocate your assets to keep your financial plan on course.

We record all this in Your Financial Plan, and refer to it as we progress each year, empowering you to make great financial decisions.

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