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Evidence-Based Investing Guide

Evidence-based investing provides a structured and disciplined approach to portfolio construction that creates wealth by capturing the returns of the whole market, driving down costs and removing the emotional decision-making of a beat-the-market mindset.

Our guide to evidence-based investing is intended to give you an understanding of the key principles of this approach and an insight into how we have adopted it at First Wealth.

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Hello from First Wealth

We’re on a mission to help everyone live happy and fulfilled lives through the wonder of financial planning! We’d love to have your help to achieve our mission.

If you have someone in mind who you think would benefit from proper lifestyle financial planning, please send them a copy of our two-page ‘Hello from First Wealth’ document. You can send it via e-mail, WhatsApp, Messenger, or your social platform of choice. The best way to make a referral is to send an e-mail to your Financial Planner or usual contact at First Wealth and copy in the person you wish to introduce to us.

We’re working on a First Wealth rewards programme, a fun way to say thank you to those supporting us on our mission. Details to be announced soon.

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Life Goals®

In a world of choice and compromise, how do you determine what matters most to you?

Our new app asks four questions about what matters most to you, to your family, in your life and in your legacy. Answer by selecting the statements that resonate most with you, and start building a plan to help you reach your life goals.

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An Introduction to Behavioural Finance

Behavioural Finance seeks to explain situations where real people make real financial decisions that might not be easily explained or predicted by traditional economic theories.

In this guide, we look at a different aspect of behavioural economics as a way of examining just how much our decisions can be influenced by factors other than the cold, hard calculations we might think we’re making as informed investors.

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